To better understand Wylde Co. it's good to know where we come from. Before Wylde Company, Bradley Scott and friend Charles Cardello first created a production company / record label in college called Bifocal Media.  The motivation for the company was filming our favorite bands live.  Footage came from bands playing in bedrooms, to skate parks, to intimate venues; literally we were capturing the soundtracks of our lives. Notable acts included Death Cab for Cutie, Braid, and The Get up Kids.  We decided to make compilation videos and sell them to fans of the music. Ultimately these hand-made videos were picked up for distribution and sold at record stores everywhere. The first video can be seen here in all its low quality, VHS glory: The Actuality of Thought. The look and feel of that video is testament to how we lived our lives and ingrained a diy work ethic that's unshakeable.
This was a natural path to conceptual music videos for major and independent labels. During these years our love of experimental video began to develop into that of a storyteller.  We were fortunate to see some heavy rotation on MTV, but at the same time it was a true grind without making a livable wage.  And finishing off that phase, my producer at the time decided to become a singer.

Soon thereafter Wylde Company was created. Setting up shop in Los Angeles we focused on all aspects of production. Including conceptualizing, shooting, editing, directing, and producing. Scope of projects include corporate videos, commercials, series, pilots, broadcast television and music videos.

Since it's inception Wylde Company was been privileged to work with top talent artists, companies and brands such as Nokia, NASA, Beats, Adidas, NBC Olympics, Honda, Mattel, Geffen Records and Lucasfilm. At the end of the day we care about what we create and want to work with like-minded folks.